Michelle Murrish

Poetry and Writings
October 11th, 2016 by Michelle Murrish

Suburban Plight


A child of Middle America
Raised in a tract home
Trying hard to remember which one was mine
Among the rows and rows of cookie-cutter lives
Enough money to go on vacation,
But not enough to go by plane
Forced to survive the middle seat
Between older siblings in the minivan
On our way to visit the happiest place on earth
The streets taught me to be tough
When I fell off my 10 speed
Try, try again, they said,
try, try again
Growing up wasn’t easy
Under the watchful eye of my stay-at-home mom
She was on to us before we ever even started
Looking back, I’m surprised I made it out
Without a toaster cover
Or coordinating kitchen towel set
No, all I have to show
Is a good education and bright future

By Michelle Murrish


From “A Mess Like This” c. 2014

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